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5 reasons you should see “Super 8” this weekend

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There are plenty of big time movies hitting theaters this summer. We’ve got Captain America joining The Avengers, Jack Sparrow hitting the seas once again, and the sure to be monumental conclusion to the Harry Potter franchise. However, the one movie that excites me like no other is “Super 8.” Though there is little known about the plot, it somehow involves a group of kids in a small Ohio town in 1979 investigating a possible alien invasion. Here are 5 reasons why it will be THE movie everyone will be talking about this summer.

5. Talented actors and new faces

While most of the actors featured in “Super 8” are fresh newcomers in the vein of Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore of “ET,” there are also some incredibly talented veteran actors. Kyle Chandler, now done with his superb work as the coach on TV’s “Friday Night Lights,” steps in as one of the boy’s fathers. Elle Fanning lends her acting chops to the group of kids. The surprising number of newcomers is refreshing however, and will hopefully make the story more believable as we’re not forced to watch Abigail Breslin running from martians.

4. It’s incredibly mysterious

Ever since director JJ Abrams announced he was making a film in the vein of old school Amblin films, there has been nothing but secrecy surrounding the project. There are few plot details out there, leaving pretty much just the teaser trailers to whet your appetite. At the end of each trailer, images were hidden in the camera’s shutter (above), leaving the audience clues to what the film could be about. Sounds a lot like “Cloverfield,” which is a great thing to me.

3. It will make you feel like a kid again

Who didn’t get goosebumps seeing the Amblin logo (with ET flying across the moon) before the “Super 8” trailer? There’s something instantly nostalgic about Spielberg’s early films like “ET” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” The setting of a small town with realistic kids will almost certainly bring you back to a time when life was simple and innocent. Add in the fact that the kids featured in the film spend their days making homemade movies with each other and your imagination will be reinvigorated.

2. The two men behind it all

Steven Spielberg’s name is synonymous with quality blockbuster movies. JJ Abrams is becoming the next Steven Spielberg. The two can now call themselves collaborators with “Super 8,” Abrams acting as director while Spielberg takes the producer role. However the film turns out, there’s no doubt each man’s impact will be felt. The two both grew up making movies with super 8 cameras as kids so this is sort of a passion project for both. Abrams’ directing resume has been excellent (“Lost” pilot, “Mission Impossible 3,” “Star Trek”) and there’s no reason to think that will change now.

1. A completely original story

Believe it or not, “Super 8” is not based on a comic book, board game, novel, amusement park ride, or an already existing franchise. Whatever we’re gonna get is going to be completely new, no matter what influenced it. There will surely be a sense of intrigue, surprise, and awe as the story unfolds for the first time in front of our eyes. I for one can’t wait.