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Screened In Sundays: Buried

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1 underseen gem every Sunday.

Remember that amazing scene in Kill Bill Volume 2 when Uma Thurman gets buried alive? The scene is incredibly tense, claustrophobic, and terrifying. Well, imagine that for 80 minutes.

Yes, this Ryan Reynolds vehicle takes place entirely in a coffin. No outside shots AT ALL. In fact, besides a few voices on a cell phone, Reynolds is the only person to appear (physically or vocally) on screen throughout the film.

Reynolds plays a U.S. truck driver who is working in Iraq. After he is attacked, he awakes to find himself buried alive underground in a coffin. Equipped with only a lighter and a cell phone (that somehow manages to get a signal), he must find out what’s going on before his oxygen runs out.

I love ambitious films like Buried. The plot itself is a risk, and there are so many camera shots that make you double take and wonder how it was pulled off. I usually find Reynolds extremely grating in movies, but he’s actually easy to root for here. And I’ll be a man enough to admit that I shed a tear or two at the climax of the story.


Screened In Sundays: Triangle

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1 underseen gem every Sunday.

Triangle (2009)

Mindfuck. The term is used in different ways by different people. If a movie’s subject matter is fucked up, like say Requiem for a Dream, is it considered a mindfuck? Or does the term apply when the plot is so hard to get your head around that your mind literally feels like it’s been tied to the bed posts and taken for a ride. Well, this little seen yet brilliant Australian film will give your mind the time of its life.

The movie opens with a group of friends on a sailing trip in the Atlantic Ocean. When they come upon a storm, they must abandon their sailboat and board another ship. The movie starts out very familiar. There are horror movie character archetypes, and it honestly seems like it’s simply going to be a decent horror movie. But then the shit hits the fan, and that mindset goes out the window quick. This is no ordinary horror movie.

From then on out, the movie is a series of twists, “what the hell is going on” moments, and true terror. A great physical performance from Melissa George is just the icing on the cake. The film also features a young Liam Hemsworth before he was Gale/Mr. Miley Cyrus. Triangle is a movie that deserves to not only be watched once, but again, and again, and again. The theories that come out of viewing this film are almost as exciting as the film itself.

Where can you watch it?

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