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Screened In Sundays: Moon

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One underseen gem every Sunday.

Not every actor can successfully carry a movie by his or herself. Sam Rockwell does this to the extreme in Moon, being essentially the only human to appear on screen during the entire film. Rockwell plays Sam Bell, a man alone on the moon finishing his 3 year mission with Lunar Industries to send back to Earth supplies of a resource our planet desperately needs.

He’s actually not really “alone”, as his sole companion is a robot-like computer named GERTY (voiced excellently by Kevin Spacey). As Bell’s mission is about to be complete, he gets into an accident while harvesting resources. I don’t want to spoil what happens next (even though the trailers did), but let’s just say things get weird – fast.

Moon was shot on a relatively cheap (by today’s standards) budget of $5 million, but the movie looks gorgeous. Many scenes in the film will hearken back memories of 2001: A Space Odyssey among other sci-fi classics. It’s worth a watch, if only for Rockwell’s powerhouse performance and the film’s instantly classic score.