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My Favorite Movie Podcasts

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I’ve always been surprised at the amount of people who have no idea what a podcast is. Like radio talk shows, they are “shows” you download to your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player that run usually around 30 minutes to 2 hours in length depending on the content. They are responsible for getting me through long drives, walking my dog, and just making something tedious like cutting the grass bearable. While I listen to many different types of podcasts ranging from sports (Eaglesfancast!) to story telling (This American Life), the film podcasts are what really get my brain going. Here are my favorites:

/FilmCast: I could not live without the /filmcast, born out of (an excellent movie blog). The three hosts (David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, Adam Quigley) are all insanely likeable guys that have great chemistry which makes listening to them so enjoyable. They go over “what they’ve been watching” which always gives me new flicks to add to my Netflix queue, movie news, and then move into one in-depth movie review for whatever film is out that week. Some other topics up for discussion are things I’m constantly thinking about but will not bring up with my friends. Topics such as movie-going etiquette, why trailers suck, what makes a good blu-ray, etc. Though I’ve never met or spoken with any of these 3 guys, I feel like I’ve been in a friendship with each of them for the past 2 1/2 years since I started tuning in. What makes the /FilmCast even more awesome is the addition of some kickass guests ranging from movie directors (Kevin Smith, Richard Kelly) to entertaining movie bloggers (Katey Rich, C. Robert Cargill) to movie critics (Armond White, anyone?). I don’t look forward to many things on a weekly basis, but the /FilmCast is certainly one thing I can’t wait to listen to each week.

IFC Podcast: Though I’ve only recently started to listen, I’m definitely a huge fan. Alison Wilmore and Matt Singer are two intelligent, funny and easy-on-the-ears podcasters who certainly know what they’re talking about. Their structure involves taking one topic (boxing movies, for example) and going over the entire history of that genre. It’s a great way to remember some of the long forgotten greats.

Filmspotting: A little on the pretentious side, but still fun to listen to none the less. Adam Kempenar and Matty Robinson seem to be great friends and that comes across while listening to their discussions on the movies of this year and yesteryear. Though I sometimes find myself violently disagreeing with them (they hated Avatar!), I keep coming back for more. If it weren’t for these two guys, I probably wouldn’t have seen half the classic films I have today.

Creative Screenwriting Podcast: Complementing the magazine, Jeff Goldsmith interviews pretty much every great screenwriter you can think of working today. A great look inside the movie industry and really great advice for aspiring screenwriters (like myself).


2010: The Cinescape

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God, I love these mash-ups from Matt Shapiro. Really reminds me of all the awesome movies we get each year, and how fantastic editing and music can make even the most lifeless movies shine.